Services offered

Finding Lost Heirs 

My genealogical and heir search experience includes: 

  • Locate Beneficiaries 
  • Probate research 
  • Genealogical research 
  • Procuring available relevant documentation to prove identity of located persons and their relationship to the decedent
  • Preparing reports and affidavits 
  • Providing detailed family tree charts 


Finding Missing Persons

Are you searching for a missing person?  Perhaps an old flame, a deadbeat or someone in hiding?  I will find them fast.  You will be amazed with the results.  

I utilize all of the following sources to locate missing persons.

  • Database searches 
  • Court records 
  • Motor Vehicle Records 
  • Social Media 
  • Vital records 
  • Census records 
  • Interviews


Background Investigations

Do you need a background check on someone?  I can find information fast.  Never be ashamed of wanting to know all the information you can regarding someone you are dealing with.   Remember, they may very well be doing a background check on you!  Search Background on anyone, anywhere in the nation. 

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Nanny 
  • ​Significant Other 
  • Prospective Tenants 
  • In-Home Personal Trainer 
  • Internet Friends 
  • Potential Business Partners​